8 Ways Singles Can Celebrate Valentine's Day

Love the Broken

Remind someone who has been marginalized of his or her value. One of my favorite non-profit organizations is Reveal NYC, a grassroots group of professionals dedicated to celebrating women who are recovering from abuse. In an effort to re-impart value to women who feel unlovable, each year the organization holds a special Valentine’s Day Makeover event for hundreds of women.

Follow in Reveal's footsteps by donating your time or resources to someone in your life who may feel broken and unloved. Find a charity you feel passionately about and commit to serving those in need. Make volunteerism personal by serving someone you know. A single mom or dad in your neighborhood might love an offer to baby-sit or a gift certificate for a nice dinner. A friend who has recently been divorced or has ended a romantic relationship will treasure a phone call. Whatever you do, you'll likely find that the love you give comes back to you in greater measure.

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