10 Ways to Deepen Your Relationship

You Can Find Marital Bliss and Happiness

Deepen Your Relationship

By Terri Orbuch, Ph.D.

Happy relationships shouldn't be hard work! That's one of the upbeat findings from my landmark study of marriage, which has been following 373 married couples since 1986. Here's more good news for lovebirds: If you're in a happy partnership, married or not, you can keep it that way or make it even better by introducing a few new behaviors and small changes into the relationship. While many relationship experts say you need to focus on fixing what's wrong, my research shows that adding positive behaviors to the relationship has a much greater impact on couples' happiness. Here are ten ways to deepen your relationship bond, and be a happier couple.

Terri Orbuch Ph.D., known as The Love Doctor, is the project director of the landmark, NIH-funded Early Years of Marriage Project, the longest-running study of married couples ever conducted. She is a research professor at the Institute for Social Research at University of Michigan, and a professor at Oakland University. Her new book is 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great (Random House, 2009). Find out more at www.drterrithelovedoctor.com.

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