12 Ways to Find Your Soul Mate

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Acknowledge and Slay the Dragons

In the mythology, fairy tales, and Hollywood movies that shape our consciousness about soulful love, epic lovers have a series of challenges to meet and master, and a few dragons to slay, before they can claim the precious prize of everlasting love. The same holds true for modern soul mates. While some people seem lucky in love--as if they were born in a state of readiness for true intimacy and partnership--the rest of us typically have some life lessons to muddle through first.

How to Start:

Be brave now and name the things (dragons) that are keeping you from love. Are you immature in love relationships? Demanding? Needy? Obsessive? Do you love too much? Give yourself away too fast? Have a hard time accepting faults in yourself or others? Do you consistently choose the wrong kind of people, with the same kinds of issues? Are you stuck in a relationship with the wrong person? Begin to identify the things that get in your way and have burned you in the past. That is the first step toward healing and adjusting your behavior.



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