12 Ways to Find Your Soul Mate

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Make Your Life Love-Friendly

There is a magical aspect to finding your true love, a feeling that seems to permeate your very being as he or she comes into your life. But before you get to that point, there is work to do. We can get set in our ways and beliefs, and our lives might become a little too crowded for true love to find its way in. Some of us have healing to do. All of us need to make our lives “love-friendly.”

How to Start:

Gently look around your life for ways that you might be preventing love from finding you. Then make a choice to uncover beliefs, behaviors, and stuff that no longer serve you. Clean up what you no longer need, get your life in the best order possible, and you will find yourself getting ready for a great relationship. This will open the doors and the windows to love and begin to truly open your heart as well.



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