Pet Prayers and Blessings

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Native American Pet Prayer

Pet Prayers: Kitten snuggling with baby chick

Oh Great Spirit! I give you thanks for creating all of the peoples;

Two legged, four legged, winged and finned.

May I learn the great lessons from each of these...

From the Cat, let me learn healing, clarity, and keen vision.

From the Bird, let me learn how to let my spirit soar.

From the Fish, let me learn tenacity and to overcome obstacles.

From the Horse, let me learn strength and freedom.

And from the Dog, let me learn faithfulness, courage,

and unconditional love.

May I walk, swim and fly in harmony and balance with all of these. Aho!

—Victor Fuhrman

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Pet Prayers and Blessings
By Laurie Sue Brockway and Vic Fuhrman