Your Inspiring Pets August 2007

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Your Inspiring Pets August 2007 Benny

In January 2007 I rescued dear, sweet, gentle Benny from an animal shelter. I really didn't want a male cat. I wanted a female kitten, but when I saw Benny hiding in the back of his cage, something told me I needed to investigate him. He was absolutely beautiful--and scared--but he warmed up to me.

I had been going through chemotherapy from November 2006 through May 2007, when my tumor disappeared. Benny has brought me so much joy through this difficult time, and he has taught me a lot. He is very funny, forgiving, and kind. One of the things he really likes to do is embrace my bald head with his paws. He's a crazy little boy, and he is living proof that animals really can make a huge difference in your life.

--Susan M.

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