A Ministry for Teen Moms

Author Tricia Goyer gives her time to help teenage girls who become pregnant. Discover the life lessons she's learned along the way!

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How has your faith in God helped you to mentor others?

I think it’s the reason I’m able to do that. When I was a teenager I was heading [in] the wrong direction. I mean boys and parties and just trying to make myself happy with all these things. It was during my teen years when I gave my heart to the Lord and I told him, “Lord, I give you my life, I have messed it up big time and if you can do anything, please do something with my life.”

He has done amazing things. Just bringing those women [from my Grandma’s Bible study] into my life; they were the reason why I looked to God. I saw their love for me. I thought, “If these women could love me then maybe God can too.” Afterwards he brought a wonderful husband into my life. We got married. So many times you want to kind of forget past mistakes and put those things behind us and just go on with who we are now. As I started growing in my relationship with God, I felt God calling me to help mentor teenage moms.

There’s a [story] of a young woman who was going to have an abortion. She had scheduled an abortion at 3:00 and a friend of hers had text her mom and told her mom that she was going to have the abortion. Her mom got her [and] asked her if she would go to [a] clinic and she did. They went in at 1:00 and she got the ultrasound and counseling, and she missed her appointment for her abortion. She actually had her little boy!

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