'I Won't Take My Kids to See 'Harry Potter''

A popular Christian writer says it countenances the occult.

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I'm certainly not advocating censorship, but I'm trying to be another voice. I think it's a voice that needs to be listened to.

What is it about the Harry Potter series that concerns you?
Even though it's treated as funny and humorous, I am concerned that the kid finds his identity and authentication through occult elements. I think [the books are] clever, I think they're witty, I think they're well-written. All the other elements I think are brilliant, but when you start saying the occult is just a little fantasy plaything, then I'm not such a big fan of the series.

If you believe as I do that the occult is something dangerous, and you start blurring the line between the occult and fantasy, you've got a problem. But I think you have an even greater problem when you say those occult elements are something positive.

What do you think is dangerous about the occult, if you don't take it seriously but treat it as a parlor game?


Using the ouija board as an example-by the way, according to "Zillions" magazine a few years back, it tied with Monopoly as the most popular board game in America-I think there is more than ample documentation of children who started playing with a ouija board that have developed some very, very

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