Is Your Family Cursed?

Pastor Larry Huch talks about his personal experience with family curses and how he'd like to help the Kennedys.

What made you start to believe in family curses?

Several years after I became a born-again Christian, I was pastoring my second church in Australia. Even though I was a pastor and had overcome a life of drug addiction, drug smuggling, and violence, I had an ongoing problem with anger. Anything could set me off, and I would yell and even hit my wife and child. And one day, when my son was 2 or 3, I got angry and shoved him against the wall. The moment I saw him bounce off the wall, I remembered how many times I bounced off the wall when I was a kid. I was behaving just like my father. The words came to me: "Like father, like son." God had saved me from the drugs, but the underlying anger was still there, the crack or flaw I was trying to hide. This was a family curse that landed on me, as it says in the Scripture, the iniquity of the father is passed down to the third and fourth generation.

Is a family curse different from genetic inheritance or negative behavior patterns we learn from our parents?

They're the same thing. Some call these patterns a physical inheritance. I believe that there's a spiritual transfer from one generation to the next. Just as we inherit red hair, freckles, and blue eyes, we inherit negative things. For example, when children are illegitimate, their own children will probably be illegitimate. When inmates get out of prison, 85% of them will be back in three years, and their children and their grandchildren are more likely to go to prison, too. Drug addicts pass on drug addiction. It's not because they're bad people. It's not because they make a decision to take drugs. There is a transfer in the spirit realm, an inheritance that they are heir to.


In her magazine, Oprah says that one of the reasons she didn't want to get married and have children is that she saw through her whole family the repeating of negative things from grandmother to mother to daughter. She didn't want to take the chance until she found an answer to breaking these negative patterns.

It's like being in an earthquake zone: Below the surface there are faults that could come up when conditions are right. It's the same thing with learning disabilities, with drinking, with eating disorders. How many times do people who inherit obesity try to diet and end up gaining all the weight back? It's due to a spiritual curse.

Tell me what you think about the so-called "Kennedy Curse."
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