On Campus or Online: Which Undergraduate Experience is Right for You?

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Currently students comparing traditional campus-based versus online programs have choices that seem to increase every day. While it is important to evaluate each program individually, it is also important to know who you are as a student and pick the program that will allow you to excel. Admission requirements to online undergraduate programs will vary from school to school, just as traditional programs requirements will differ. Many distance learning programs do not require face-to-face interviews, however. Students report that the most desirable quality of a traditional program is direct availability for student interactions while the most desirable quality of an online program is the flexibility and ability to dictate work pace.

Ironically, the disadvantages of traditional programs are inherently the advantages of online programs and vice versa. As the popularity, reputation, and affordability of online programs increase so will its advantages. Online programs will compete for students; programs will begin developing and using newer and more interactive technology including webinars, video conferencing, online discussion, and project sharing software that provides a more holistic educational experience for online learners. Fully accredited and highly ranked undergraduate programs are respected across the business sector and can be just as rigorous as traditional degree programs. For students choosing undergraduate programs, the choices have never been better - and with online learning the choices are more flexible and accessible.

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