How Does Responsibility Relate To Peace?

Sometimes we need to let go and clean out our internal closet.


Suna Senman 1

Excerpt from Peace Discovering Life's Harmony through Relationships

Responsibility is a companion of freedom. When we take responsibility for our actions, we are free to act. We are free to act when we know that we can accept the consequences. When the consequences are unfavorable, we accept the challenge to take action toward a favorable direction. We do not shy away from difficulty or hard work. We redirect our energies toward our goal, plowing through whatever obstacles there may be.

Letting go of responsibility that is not ours is also freedom. I am not responsible for other’s actions and reactions. I am only responsible for mine. While we affect each other, I choose my thoughts, make my mouth talk, and move my body. I may choose to adapt to someone else’s idea, yet, I choose. While I share my ideas, I expect other’s to make their choices that resonate with their truth. Owning our responsibility gives us freedom to explore life from a new perspective – freedom to try new things -- because we know that whatever mess we get into, we will get ourselves out as well. We also let others get out of their messes, although we do not do their work for them.


Letting go of responsibilities that are not yours means letting go of mental preoccupation. Complaining is often a way of avoiding responsibility. Only when complaint is aimed at getting a result is it part of taking responsibility.

Looking back and turning into a pillar of salt is looking at the past to the point where it takes the life out of you. The moisture that gives flexibility is gone. The flow of the ocean is gone. The water is evaporated so only the hardened minerals are left. The life lessons remain hardened and crumble—as stiff as laws in a rulebook. The heart’s desire, which is the flow of life, is gone. The innocence of the moment is lost. Living a life by hardened standards is not living. It is standing still as time and life pass by.

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