Memorial Day
Memorial Day Quotes
Military graveyard cemetary
Every year during the month of May, we remember those who went to war but did not survive the great fight. Here are a few quotes from soldiers reflecting on the wars they fought in and view the photos of this nation's historical wars.

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15 Inspirational Prayers for Memorial Day
Female soldier
We are honored to remember the many brave men and women who have given their lives throughout the history of our great nation – those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect us from harm. We salute all those now serving and we raise these prayers for their safety and blessing.

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10 Inspiring Songs About America
Military Ministry
In honor of our military veterans, here are some of the greatest films about American soldiers, sailors, and Marines.

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Musicians Who Were Soliders
American Flag Soldier Dog Tags
You may be surprised to learn which famous musicians also served their country in the military!

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Dealing with Deployment
Tie a Yellow Ribbon
For military spouses enduring a partner’s deployment, staying positive may be the hardest struggle of all.

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Home and Away
American Flag Heart
David French enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 37. How does he handle being a deployed husband and dad?

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Lessons from a War Zone
Healing Lessons from a War Zone
As an Army medic in Iraq and Afghanistan, Specialist Brian Antczak discovered the spirit of healing even in a world at war.

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