10 Inspiring Songs About America

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these great patriotic songs!

July 4th is a time of celebration, remembrance, fireworks, and cookouts. It is also a time for great music. There are many songs about America; some are positive, some are reflective, and some are just about having fun. They all seek in some way to capture the American spirit in song, and here are 10 of those songs to inspire you on July 4th!

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1. Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A.

For many Americans it is impossible to hear the phrase “born in the USA” and not think of the catchy refrain of this Bruce Springsteen anti-war classic. The familiar rock song chronicles the journey of a soldier from a small town to the war, and then back into the arms of a country that won't accept him. The dark story is backed by Bruce Springsteen’s classically upbeat music, which reflects the patriotic pride of serving your country even when it means giving up everything.

2. Brooks & Dunn - Only In America

This Brooks & Dunn hit takes a look at people from all walks of America. From the streets of New York, to the lights of LA, the emphasis of this song is on how anything is possible for everyone in America. There are millions here “dreaming in red, white, and blue.” While this country song echoes the heart of the American south, it is still a part of all of us.


3. Lee Greenwood - God Bless the U.S.A.

Lee Greenwood's lone hit is the quintessential patriotic song, capturing the pride of this great nation in the form of a melody that is recognizable across the nation. It may be a bit dated, and maybe even a little cheesy, but it's hard to deny the power of a song that is performed in nearly every city each July 4th. Lee Greenwood may not have had any other hits, but he nailed it with this one.
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