Your Favorite Christmas Memories

The Christmas Angel at the Door

When I was nine-years-old, my father was in the hospital during the holidays. Money was scarce and mom had five children to dress for Christmas and she had o find presents for each of us. She told us the story of the Christmas Angel who, like the original Christmas Angels, brought tidings of great joy.

Two days before Christmas, we heard a knock on the front door. When mom went to answer it, no one was there, but she found a package on the doormat. She brought it inside so we could all open it together. It had a label on it that read, "From the Christmas Angel.” Inside the package were new dresses for all four girls and a new dress shirt and pants for my brother. There was even a dress for my mom. Everyone screamed with joy and ran off to try on our Christmas Angel gifts.

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- Kathleen Bergquist of Minnesota

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