Your Favorite Christmas Memories

Time for the Christmas Tree

I remember when dad would say to us kids, "It’s time to look for the Christmas tree."  We would bundle up in our warm snow boots and ski pants, with big scarves  that mom made for us around our neck and face,.  We would walk out in the deep snow and into the woods to find a tree.  Then, happy as a lark, we'd watch dad cut down the most beautiful tree ever. We all dragged it home, falling in the deep snow, and laughing all the way with the dog trailing behind us. To this day, every time I smell pine, I think of dad cutting down the Christmas tree.

Back when I was child, we were lucky to get one gift.  There were twelve of us kids, and I still visualize mom's long, cotton stockings hanging all the way up to the stairway, just waiting to be filled by Santa. At five in the morning, we were up and ready to open up our one gift, but the most important thing was the fruit, ribbon candy, nuts, and box of Life Savers--all colors of the rainbow--in our Christmas stockings!

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