Attack the Problem, Not the Person

Look at these helpful tips to handle conflicts!

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4. Find Common Ground
Fourth, seek points of agreement. Discover what points you agreement upon, focusing on them rather than on the ones where you disagree. Always strive to find places where your opinions overlap and build upon them. With this focus you will lessen any likelihood of becoming overly focused on places of disagreement.

5. Get to the Point
Finally, fight the problems, not each other. Agree that you need to become better communicators, seeking ways to make that happen. Agree you need to fight less frequently, seeking ways of healthier conflict resolution. Agree that you have places of disagreement—which is perfectly natural. Finding ways to compromise will be a challenge, but you’re up to the task. Practice asking each other, “How are we going to solve this one?” Emphasize to each other, “We need to be a team in facing this problem.” Notice how this attitude draws you together.

Teamwork works not only in the sports arena, but in relationships as well. Practice some of these tools and let me know how they work for you! is a faith-based content destination serving the Christian community, dedicated to helping Christians deepen their walk with the Lord as well as fellowship with other believers. The site also exists as a resource for the Seeker looking for hope and answers.

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