Feng Shui Your Way to Love


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Feng Shui Your Way to Love

Spiritual tips and techniques to make your living space reflect the love you want.

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

One of fundamental aspects of Feng Shui is the use of a "Bagua," an octagon shaped image with eight sides and a center, or a square image with eight boxes and a center. The parts of the "Bagua," called guas, are used to delineate different areas in a home or room that reflect the parts of a person's life.

There are eight guas or "energy centers" that can be cleared and activated to enhance the related areas in your life. Feng Shui believes all things have a life force, called "chi," and seeks to allow that energy to flow as freely as possible--like wind and water, which what Feng Shui means.

When practicing Feng Shui for love and marriage, it is important to energize all areas of your environment as you activate your intentions for a great relationship.

Read the first Feng Shui principles to attract love into your life.

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway is author of Rituals for Love and Romance: Attract Your Soulmate with Ceremony and Self-love (HealingEbooks, May 2009) and the e-course, Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate. She is moderator of The Soulmate Project. These materials culled from the Western School of Feng Shui bagua, with permission.

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