How Kids See God

A father asked his young sons and their friends questions about God and got some unexpected answers.

Q. Who is God?

"God is a man. He lives in England."

--Jonah, 3

"God is in everything! He's in a pony! He's in the grass the pony eats!"

--Aurora, 4

"God lives way up in space, so if you want to see God, you have to be an astronaut."

--Jacob, 4

"I see God at church every Sunday. He has long sleeves up to here and long pants, and he wears a robe."

--Noah, 5

"God is a man who throws thunderbolts. Zeus and God were brothers."

--Jack, 6

"God looks like Grandpa."

--Willow, 8

Q. Why did God create the world?

"He did it for fun, really. The world is like a big, giant TV for God."

--Zachary, 7

"Because otherwise there wouldn't be anything around, since the dinosaurs were dead."

--J.C., 8

"So people could have homes."

--Dennis, 7

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Matt Witten
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