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Robin Williams: Laughter and Sadness

Date: 08/12/2014

The news that Robin Williams had died, hit me hard. This incredible funny man was introduced to me as an alien on Mork and Mindy. Immediately, one could see the quick wit of a comedian destined for stardom. He made us laugh! Then he broadened his stage to movies and made us cry, cheer and feel intense emotions. Both laughter and sadness were emotions he managed to bring out in all of us. And now, ...

Related Topics: Love And Family, Substance Abuse, Depression, Suicide, Robin Williams, Cardiac Depression


Feeding Marshmallows to Our Minds

Date: 08/11/2014

Growing a garden, even a small one, is something many of us can do, even if our only plot space is a window box. Child of Eden, original oil painting by Steve Henderson; licensed open edition print at iCanvasART and Framed Canvas Art. When I was growing up, I heard the mantra, "You are what you eat!" all the time. It's not said so much these days, which is ironic since much of what we eat ...

Related Topics: Faith And Prayer, Christian, God, Jesus, Bible, Media, Mind, Lord, Commonsense, Read, Book, Literature, Marshmallow

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