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Heart Knows No Borders

Date: 07/09/2014

I am not one to talk politics here, but this is tugging at my mama heart. So I'll share my inner knowing.  God talks to me through my writing, when I just allow it to come through and trust it. Fighting in any holy land is against God. When children are dying, it's never good. You are never fighting for God, that is not Divine energy in any way. Love for God. Wanting peace for those that are righ ...



Weekly Horoscope, July 7-13, 2014: Nobody Moves And Nobody Gets Hurt

Date: 07/06/2014

Science has recently confirmed something that most of you probably knew, on one level or another, all along: people don't like to sit around and think about things.  Researchers at Virginia and Harvard Universities gave test subjects a choice: sit quietly and think about whatever they wanted to for between six and 15 minutes, or give themselves a painful electric shock to end it sooner . T ...

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