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Exclusive Video: Hillary Swank’s Gripping Film on ALS

Date: 10/10/2014

You’re Not You is based on the novel of the same name stars Hillary Swank as a beautiful pianist stricken with ALS in her 30s. Kate’s condition deteriorates and she hires an off-beat college student Bec with no background in healthcare or work ethic. Gripping and with emotional complexity the relationship grows into a solid bond between the women, especially when Kate’s husband h ...

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Eat This: Be Happy - 6 Super Mood Boosters

Date: 10/10/2014

Smile Therapy by Janice Taylor, Life and Wellness Coach, Weight Loss Expert, Author, Artist, Positarian One thing I know for sure is that happiness is connected to two key mood regulators that our brains produce: serotonin and noradrenaline. Serotonin is a mood enhancer that has an effect on pain, pleasure, anxiety, panic, arousal, and sleep patterns. Noradrenaline is a chemical that elevates ...

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