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How to Deal With Your Midlife Crisis

Date: 03/13/2015

By Miriam Slozberg When you hear about someone going through a midlife crisis, you usually think of that stereotypical scenario of some guy in his forties impulsively buying a sports car and dumping his wife for a younger woman. Well, let me tell you that is just a stereotype, and dealing with some kind of midlife crisis or transition is not something that only affects men. Many women are ver ...

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Media "Conservatives" to University of Oklahoma Frat Boys: Off With Your Heads!

Date: 03/15/2015

The president of the University of Oklahoma expelled white members of a fraternity that had been captured on video chanting what could be the last of the English language’s “four letter words” recognized by our society. Some remarks are in order. First, as black civil rights activist Michael Myers, among an ever increasing number of commentators, has observed, the decision of the President of a ...

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