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The Transformative Power of Misfortune (4)

Date: 11/16/2014

Another post from a reader:  A Journey of a Lifetime Being stranded at the bus stop in Rosendale more than 5,000 miles from home and a random act of kindness has led to an unbelievable journey for a SUNY Ulster student from the Republic of Azerbaijan. When  Gulnar Babayeva  arrived in the Hudson Valley in 2008 off a Trailways bus from New York’s Port Authority with a large bag on whe ...



Stay Alert -- Burnt Toast Is the Least of Our Concerns

Date: 11/14/2014

We are the infelicitous owners of a truly dreadful toaster. It has one setting -- burnt and black -- no matter where we turn the dial, and lately it has decided that it only wants to toast one side of the bread. Those who enjoy edible food items keep an open and vigilant eye, the perfect toast requiring that one pop the slice mid-term, turns it around, and re-establishes watch. At our house ...

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