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If I Was Your Astrologer, Bill Cosby...

Date: 07/29/2015

As an astrologer, it's my primary duty to look at a client's transits and then provide him or her with my forecast . What my clients do with that information is entirely up to them. No blame, no judgement, just the facts. However every once in a while when I have a client who is heavily besieged by some truly major issues, my job sometimes becomes more like that of a cosmic defense attorney. ...

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4 Strategies to Minimize Relationship Conflict

Date: 07/29/2015

Five years ago, there was no conflict. Renee and Jerry decided to have children. At the time, both felt it was best for Renee to stay home with the children while Jerry worked outside the home. Recently, Renee was having a tough day, complaining about the children and feeling left out of adult life. In a moment of anger, Jerry said, “Why are you complaining about your day. You are at home wit ...

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