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The Secret Door to Success

Date: 11/12/2015

The Secret Door to Success by Florence Scovel Shinn: “People all want to know how to open the secret door of success. For every person there is success, but it seems to be behind a door or wall, as in the wonderful story of Jericho – when the walls came falling down.  Of course biblical stories have a metaphysical interpretation. What is your wall of Jericho? Do you see how it separat ...

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5 Ways to Honor a Veteran Today!

Date: 11/11/2015

This is  my dad when he fought in WWII! And on the right is my dad at age 94. He is one of the many veterans who needs to be honored today. Such sacrifices our veterans made and continue to make to provide us our freedom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! What can you do to let a veteran know they are appreciated today?  First, remember, this doesn't have to be a one-time appreciatio ...

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