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The inane and the insane

Date: 09/13/2014

Human beings wake up each day to find themselves doing everything from the inane to the insane. Women’s corset, being a suitable example. Starting out as a fashion statement in the 1500’s women began wearing corsets made out of rigid materials and designed to diminish the waist, amplify the hips, and push up the boobs. Shorter definition: corset= torture. The forced hour-glass figure went on ...

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"Why Are You So Afraid? Do You Still Have No Faith?"

Date: 09/15/2014

This last week on Facebook was one of general fear, anxiety, panic and despair, not so much because everyone was in and out of relationships, or because Lucky Slots wasn't doing well, but because too many Christians are preparing for the imminent invasion of the United States by hostile forces. Sometimes, as Christians, our responses and reactions look too much like that of the world. The Is ...

Related Topics: Faith And Prayer, God, Christ, Fear, Jesus, Faith, Abortion, Bible, Christianity, News, Politics, Media, Commonsense, Facebook, Despair, Evil, Social Media, Muslim, Bomb, Innocent

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