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The Politically Incorrect (?!) Language of the Politically Correct

Date: 09/22/2014

It would seem that the Enlightened, i.e. those whose moral sensibilities are offended by the name of “Redskins” for a professional sports team, want to purge our language of every “racist,” “sexist,” “classist,” “imperialist,” “colonialist,” and “homophobic” word. The funny thing is, though, given their terms of choice, the Enlightened make it painfully clear that they aren’t particularly enlig ...

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Turn Your Mess Into Your Message

Date: 09/19/2014

Wise people are everywhere. Today I met a wise woman while waiting to see my cardiologist. She was the receptionist who greeted me from behind her sliding glass (slid open, of course) window.  When she asked how I was doing since my last visit and I gave her an update, she responded:  "You are turning your mess into your message." Wowie zowie, did that ever resonate!  There are times when my life ...

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