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The Politically Incorrect (?!) Language of the Politically Correct

Date: 09/22/2014

It would seem that the Enlightened, i.e. those whose moral sensibilities are offended by the name of “Redskins” for a professional sports team, want to purge our language of every “racist,” “sexist,” “classist,” “imperialist,” “colonialist,” and “homophobic” word. The funny thing is, though, given their terms of choice, the Enlightened make it painfully clear that they aren’t particularly enlig ...

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The Man I Want to Be

Date: 09/16/2014

This is an ode to the good man, the brave man, the man we all want to be, the man we want in our lives. These are the men I look up to with admiration and respect - the men who remind me of the man I want to be: Men who care about others. Men able to be strong yet also kind and compassionate. Men who hold up banners at peace rallies. Men who go after what they want. Humble men not capti ...

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