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Islam is part of the West now, live with it

Date: 08/01/2015

Tous les arts ont produit des merveilles: l'art de gouverner n'a produit que des monstres. Most arts have produced miracles, while the art of government has produced nothing but monsters. Louis Antoine de Saint-Just One type of misinformation that should be watched vigilantly is the way Islam is endlessly singled out as a violent religion. This is done by selective coverage of e ...

Related Topics: Faith, News, France, Islam, Racism, Nazism, Islamic Dress, Europe, Holocaust, Muslim Girl Gang, Islam Violent, Islam Violent Religion, Violence In Islam, Race, Homosexuals, Immoral, Morality, Jewish People, French Women, Hijab, Discrimination, Daily Mail Online


5 Nonverbal Behaviors to Influence Others

Date: 07/31/2015

Robert is at an  office party. He's been working hard and wants to win over his colleagues and make a good impression. He's wondering if there is anything he can do right now to win people over. Actually, there is, especially when it comes to his nonverbal behavior. 1) When Robert talks, he should nod his head. Nodding gets people to not only agree with you more, but also judge you as telling ...

Related Topics: Love And Family, Nonverbal Behavior, Nonverbal, Nonverbal Communication

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