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Are House Cats Smarter Than Humans?

Date: 12/19/2014

It's time to bring to a close the age-old debate about whether dogs or cats -- and the people who prefer one to the other -- are smarter. Not because the general populace has accepted the final resolution of the issue (easy -- cats, paws down), but because we have a more pressing question: As mysterious and wise as cats seem, they will react to a fake mouse. Surely, we humans are wiser than ...

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the other side

Date: 12/18/2014

You will notice, if you look at the picture, a dearth of men. There are the outlaws, w/ the exception of grandchildren, and a cousin. That's it. Mine is a family of women, mostly. We talk about 'the aunts' -- my mother and her three sisters -- and 'the sisters' -- my three sisters & me. My grandmother was one of five sisters (and two brothers, but we don't always even get their names correc ...

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