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A New Alphabet Book for Women's History Month: Rad American Women A-Z

Date: 03/01/2015

[caption id="attachment_33267" align="alignright" width="234"] Copyright 2015 City Lights/Sister Spit[/caption] Rad American Women A-Z: Rebels, Trailblazers, and Visionaries who Shaped Our History . . . and Our Future! is a wonderful new alphabet book to teach girls, boys, and their families about sounds and letters and stories about women who dreamed big, accomplished great things, inspir ...

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No Country for Old Women

Date: 02/27/2015

by Mary Saracino Howling from the mountaintops wailing from the riverbanks scooping the moon into their waning wombs the old women know that lies kill, distortions maim, hope isn’t enough to feed starving babies, school the ignorant, put and end to war. Like Furies, the old ones rise, clench their furious fists against the blazing sun; like Harpies they roar, casting dire warnings upon the wind ...

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