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Women and Sharia

Date: 03/23/2015

"No group is more harmed by sharia than Muslim women -- a reflection in part of the patriarchal tribal culture out of which Islamic law emerged." Admittedly, the writer is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a controversial figure in Islam. However, she does have a point: men and women are treated differently in whatever version of sharia you want to name -- and in every case, women are "less" than men. It'll ...

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Friends for Life

Date: 03/18/2015

I love working and playing in groups of women. I was never in a college sorority, so my first experience was in the feminist consciousness-raising group that I joined in the late 1960s. And what an eye-opening, empowering experience it was. We were a very diverse group brought together by our Bohemian, politically radicalized lifestyle. Our backgrounds could not have been different: the Detroit ...

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