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Your Soulmate Situation Sucks II: Soulmates Are For Suckers!

Date: 08/29/2014

(CLICK HERE for Part One, " The Astrology Of Why Your Soulmate Situation Sucks") Dear JM: I would like to thank you for your comments on Facebook about my recent blog entry concerning soulmates. I know it may seem odd to some that I am thanking you, because you began with "This was horrible. It should read: Why does your soulmate situation suck? Because you should be working o ...

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This Oil Could Help You With Your Menopausal Symptoms

Date: 08/29/2014

As my mum approached her 50s, she started experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, such as anxiety and hot flashes. In fact, many women around her age also come to suffer from similar or other menopausal symptoms, which could include irritability, headaches, breast tenderness, fluid retention, and mood swings. If only there is something that could help them (and one day, myself). ...

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