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Return to Prayer - Every Day in Every Way

Date: 07/21/2014

Prayer is the Medium of miracles.  Don't get to the point where you need to say 'all we can do is pray.'  Remain prayerful each day, find a way to introduce the magic and miracle of this conversation with God. An invocation of spirit by Paulo Coelho. Lord,  protect our doubts, because Doubt is a way of praying. It is Doubt that makes us grow because it forces us to look fearlessly at the m ...

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Will We Ever Say Good-bye to the Legacy of the Vietnam War?

Date: 07/18/2014

Most human beings seek peace, and the right to live an ordinary life doing honorably, ordinary things, like raising their families. Sailing on the Sound, original watercolor painting by Steve Henderson. Anniversaries are supposed to be celebratory things, generally of weddings, when a couple starts a whole new life together. How odd that we use the same word, "anniversary," to acknowledge - ...

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