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War is Hell!

Date: 05/22/2015

War is hideous. In recent years I think, in many ways, we have become immune to war's hideousness and ugliness. We watch wars play out on television sitting in our living rooms. War is a decision men/women make in Washington and we rarely feel it's consequences. But this weekend may we pause to think about war. And those that fought. And those that lost their lives. And the families that miss th ...

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Date: 05/22/2015

By Shiloh Sophia McCloud Inside of you 
is radiant luminous code. 
Ciphers ripe for deciphering. 
This seeing is what I came here for. 
Some might call me an artist, 
and a poet if they favor me. 
I am merely a witness 
to your potential beauty. Inside of you 
stardust is begging the seams 
to cross the veil of form. 
Reach through 
and take hold of the tail 
of particle and wave 
and pull it ...

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