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Nell Scovell Pays Tribute to the Under-Used Women Alumnae of SNL

Date: 10/28/2014

The wonderful Nell Scovell, who helped Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg write Lean In and is now working on a screenplay based on the book, has an excellent essay in Time about the talented women who appeared on "Saturday Night Live " but never transitioned to the kind of high-profile careers that some of their male peers did. Her list includes Nora Dunn, Ana Gasteyer, Julia Sweeney, Molly Shannon, ...

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Date: 10/28/2014

via IStock The word 'foxhole' has multiple meanings. First -- of course -- is the den foxes build for their young: a skulk of foxes . The other comes from WWI -- trench warfare, a hole to (hopefully) save your life. Today's foxes aren't life-saving, but (for me) they're sanity-saving. I am so angry about the ongoing war on teachers -- as evinced by Time magazine's new article (which I will ...

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