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The Astrology Of Renée Zellweger's Face

Date: 10/22/2014

Sometimes when you go a long time without seeing a person, you can be surprised by the changes they've undergone. People age. People gain or lose weight. People go through good and bad health. Renée Zellweger (born April 25, 1969, 2:41 PM, Baytown Texas) is someone we haven't seen a lot of in the last few years. And when she returned to the public eye this week, our first response was "excus ...

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John Wick

Date: 10/23/2014

Copyright Summit Entertainment 2014 This is a movie directed by two stunt men, which means it is pretty much a first-person shooter video game projected onto a movie screen. But that also means that it is directed by people who really know stunts and the kills on screen (reportedly more than 80) are on display for maximum effect. It delivers exactly what it promises, with a couple of surprisi ...

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