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2012 Most Inspiring Person of the Year

Jordan Crawford

Coach Crawford

Beliefnet is proud to announce that Jordan Crawford is Beliefnet's 2012 Most Inspiring Person of the Year.

Jordan Crawford is a special ed teacher and track coach for an urban public school in Norfolk, VA. In what some consider a challenging educational environment, Crawford stands out for his kindness and his belief that nobody gets left behind. Jordan and his wife Tiffany have an open door policy at their home that’s just a few minutes from the school. Students and athletes in troubled situations have found the Crawford house to be a refuge during rough times. He has many stories of students that he’s offered help to, even when they are no longer in his care at school. “My role is bigger than teaching and track,” Jordan says. “[It's about] making an impact on their next step and for them to see what a husband’s supposed to be, what a father’s supposed to be or just a contributing member of society.”

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