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Jill and Kevin's Wedding Dance

Jill and Kevin Wedding Dance

Dancing Couple Share Joy and Donations

Last June, as bride-to-be Jill Peterson, her fiancé Kevin Heinz, and 16 wedding attendants rehearsed the couple's wedding procession, they put on Chris Brown's recording of "Forever" and let loose their inner hip-hoppers. Their super-sassy, booty-busting, uninhibited wedding dance down the aisle, captured on video, is five minutes and 10 seconds of utter joy.

It released a flood of happiness that spread way beyond the St. Paul, Minn., church as the video of the event went viral, garnering more than 31 million views to date. The happy couple beamed from morning news programs and talk shows and even inspired an episode of "The Office."

But while many people in today's reality-TV world might have taken their 15 minutes of fame and sought endorsements, Jill and Kevin went another route. They turned their video into an anti-domestic violence fundraising tool--very apropos, as it turned out, since a month after the wedding, singer Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna.

Kevin and Jill Heinz, both 28, are nominated as two of Beliefnet's Most Inspiring People of the Year for spreading joy and creatively using their experience for a good cause.

Fans of the video can click onto the couple's website and make a donation to the Sheila Wellstone Institute. To date, it has generated more than $15,000 in donations to the charity.

"I loved dance as a way to express yourself and share joy," Jill said. "So it was something that I always thought about doing."

"I am just glad I didn't hurt myself," Kevin said.

(Click here to view jkweddingdance.com.)

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