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The Winner: Prof. Randy Pausch
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The 2008 Most Inspiring Person of the Year is Randy Pausch, the professor who, facing imminent death from pancreatic cancer, delivered a “last lecture” that inspired people to live every day to the fullest and to achieve their dreams. Pausch’s lecture was delivered to a small audience at Carnegie Mellon University, yet it became an internet phenomenon that has transformed lives around the globe. His now-famous lecture, along with related videos, has been viewed by almost 20 million people. Even after his passing in July, 2008, his powerful yet simple message continues to inspire us: “We cannot control the cards we’re dealt, just how we play the hand.” Read more...
The Inspiring Lessons of Randy Pausch
Journalist Jeffrey Zaslow got to see Randy Pausch’s love of life and unbounded enthusiasm from a front-row seat. He went on to co-write the book, 'The Last Lecture' with Randy. In an exclusive tribute gallery, he shares Randy’s unforgettable wisdom, illustrated with photos of Pausch and his family. Open the special tribute gallery.
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An Injured Lion Still Wants to Roar
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This beloved professor's "last lecture" video circled the globe and inspired millions to live their dreams.
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These young American heroes saved lives and refused to panic when a killer tornado struck their camp.
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Steven Curtis Chapman
After a horrific tragedy, the singer and adoption advocate united his family through faith.
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