The Inspiration Behind Noodle & Boo

Christine Burger, founder of Noodle & Boo and Glowology, discusses how her struggles in life inspired her to help children and make dreams come true.

BY: Angela Guzman


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After two years of development with a chemist, Christine launched the line Noodle and Boo. The name came from her son’s nicknames. It took some time, but eventually the company took off. Celebrities were even buying the product. Liv Tyler said, “Noodle and Boo products really are my fave for the babies. They smell so delicious and I know they are safe and very gentle.” Even though Christine was happy about her success, she felt that she wanted to give more back.

“My church wanted to support a school in Ethiopia by providing a clean water system,” Christine said. She went home and discussed the church’s mission of the month with Craig. “I became more adamant that I should step out in faith and let God do the rest,” Christine said. So Noodle and Boo created the Believe Honey Bar with 100 percent of the profit going to the clean water system for a school in Ethiopia.

Later, Christine went to Ethiopia to help out. She met a little girl, two or three years old, named Dibora. She was sick and Christine paid for her to go to a clinic and get treated by a doctor. She found Dibora a boarding home, but on her flight home she felt like a piece of herself was missing. “I felt like I had left a treasure behind,” Christine said.
Once she returned home and told Craig about Dibora, they decided to adopt her. Even though she was shut down by several adoption agencies, she again stood by her dad’s inspirational words: “it is yes until it is no.” Soon, she was able to adopt Dibora and her family was finally complete! 

“I don’t feel like my dream has been fulfilled,” she said. “I think that when you start to get older, by default you have what appears as accomplishments because you’ve lived so long.” She believes that she has much more to accomplish, and that every day she will try doing her best in each role that she is performing.

Recently, Christine launched a women’s line called Glowology. Like Noodle & Boo, Glowology uses healthy ingredients, recycled packaging and donates profits to charity.

Without a doubt, Christine has showed the world that there is something special about her successful companies. She has showed the world that, “It is yes until it is no.”

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