5 Things Resilient People Do

Bounce Back from Setback

The last couple of years have tested our collective resilience – the economic downturn and layoffs have certainly taken their toll on a lot of individual lives. But even if you haven’t been a victim of the recession, it’s a safe bet you still know what it means to have a setback, whether in a relationship, your health or dealing with any unexpected challenges. What is it that allows some people to bounce back while others languish after a setback? What will empower you to become better as a result of a setback or challenge, rather than bitter?

Research shows that resilient people think differently. They have a set of skills – sometimes learned, other times innate – that allow them to persevere, manage stress and triumph in the face of challenges. Here are five of the things resilient people do...


Valorie BurtonValorie Burton is the author of several books, including Listen to Your Life and What’s Really Holding You Back?, and is founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute. Her latest book is Where Will You Go From Here?, a helpful guide for moving forward when life doesn't go as planned. Subscribe to her FREE inspirational e-newsletter at www.valorieburton.com.

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