Walking Away From Toxic Relationships

Are any of your relationships unhealthy? Bible-based advice for how to tell--and how to cut them off.

When God wants to bless you, how does He do it? He sends peopleinto your life. When the devil wants to destroy you, how does He doit? He sends people!

There are several types of relationships that are liabilities, notassets. If you are going to develop healthy relationships, you firstmust cut off the unhealthy ones you have developed.How can you tell if a relationship is toxic? Here are three majorindicators:

Constant Strife and Division

. First, there will be constantstrife and division. Amos 3:3 asks us, "Can two walktogether, unless they are agreed?" A healthy relationship isone in which there is a oneness of goals, purpose, values,and beliefs. God's Word also says, "Where envy and self-seekingexist, confusion and every evil thing are there"(James 3:16).


The Greek word for


means "unstable." The Bible tellsus that a double-minded man is "unstable in all his ways" (James1:8). The situation is out of order and therefore out of control. Godis a God of order. He has set up lines of authority, and when thoselines are violated, the door is open to every type of evil spirit. Youdon't get to choose the brand of evil spirit you want. When you getout of line with the way God has designed things to work, the devilhas a legal right to touch you with any form of evil he wants.

Strife and confusion sap your energy and drain your creativity.They take your focus off what God has for you.

People Who Knew You "Back When."

One of the most dangerousrelationships is the one that holds you to yourpast. The Bible tells us that when Jesus went to his "owncountry," He taught, and the people were astonished, butthey were also "offended" at Him because they kept saying,"Isn't this the carpenter's son? Isn't this the son ofMary and the brother of James, Joses, Simon, and Judas?He can't possibly have all this wisdom and do thesemighty works. We know Him. He's just one of us." AndJesus could do no miracles there "because of their unbelief."It wasn't that Jesus had lost any power in Himself.He wasn't any less of who He was in his home country. Itwas because of

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Paula White
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