Finding Inspiration Through Pain

Kristian and Rachel Anderson share their journey of life, loss and the love that prevails against all odds.

Days Like These

Imagine your worst nightmare becoming a reality. It’s such a horrendous situation that you could have never envisioned this event coming true. Your world is completely turned upside down and despite this terrifying circumstance, you must find the will to survive and carry on because others depend on you.

Rachel and Kristian Anderson were a happily married couple, with two young boys and they were living the perfect life together. Work was good and the couple had things figured out. Then one day Kristian was diagnosed with cancer. Although, the chances of recovery looked hopeful in the beginning God had other plans and Kristian passed away after a long battle.

Sadly, Rachel was left to pick up the pieces for the sake of her family. “It has been my children that have gotten me out of bed in the mornings. When you have little people that are relying on you to keep functioning every day, you just keep going and going,” Rachel said.

By somewhat of an accident a book, documenting Kristian’s fight against cancer, was developed. In Days Like These Kristian shares his journey. “It started off by default when he began blogging to let friends and family know what was happening, and once he’d made the video for me it became a bit of an explosion. I can see God’s hand on our lives throughout the whole of our cancer journey and I know that it was meant to be,” Rachel said. Throughout the book Rachel has added her response to various events that happened and offered her words of wisdom to others who are or have struggled with the death of a loved one.


“A lot of people suffer in silence and don’t know how to voice the fears and worries and experiences that they are having, and Kristian was able to articulate so well what he was going through that so many people are able to relate,” Rachel said. Kristian was able to use his “fame” to help others who were suffering and lobbied the government to include a critical drug on the PBS, so that it was more affordable to patients.

Kristian’s words speak the truth, in the book, however the comfort is apparent and underlying in everything that he says. Your heart breaks for him as he talks about the smell of the chemotherapy seeping through his pores or the sadness he feels when he cannot be there for his children because he is so weak.

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Angela Guzman
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