Openness party calls for less openness

Germany's Pirates Party was founded on a platform of transparency -- "open source" government visible to any citizen -- but its national chairman says enough is enough.

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In one of its more public demands, the party has promoted “an enhanced transparency of government by implementing open source governance” allowing the common citizen to be able to monitor government operations.

Nerz “criticized his party for its habit of bickering openly on the Internet, pleading with members to develop a new style of doing politics and to stop arguing over the social media service Twitter,” according to the German news site the Local. “Insults in 140 characters are not transparency. You can’t resolve a dispute over Twitter or Facebook, you only escalate them.”

He was addressing the Pirates’ first party conference since their unexpectedly strong performance in the Berlin state election in September.


“Once the Greens were Germany’s political rebels,” reported the German daily Der Spiegel. ”But on Sunday they lost their title to the Pirate Party, which won seats in a regional government for the first time. The success of their data-driven message took even the party itself by surprise.” 

Der Spiegel staff writers noted:

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