Great gift idea: a Jesus toaster?

Yes, you can have the image of our Lord and Savior seared onto the face of your morning bread for only $31.95 plus shipping and handling ...

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This is a gadget that basically allows you to sear any image you wish onto your bread — the same principle as branding-iron cowpokes chasing down little dogies at round-up time.

Lest you put too much stock in these products, Monsignor Pope offers a couple of disclaimers:

The Daily Bread toaster

1) This toaster does not convey true presence of our Lord and Savior and the bread coming forth from it is not to be adored. Do not try true presence at home, which leads to idolatry.

2) No disrespect is hereby intended in this post. But sometimes things are in such bad taste that the absurdity is best illustrated by being absurd

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Rob Kerby
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