Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity getting much-needed facelift

The church was built 1,500 years ago. The roof hasn't been repaired for 150 years. But fixing it is more like archeology than carpentry.

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tourists who visit the site each year. The renovation will be carried out and funded by the Palestinian Authority, which is hoping the basilica will soon be recognized and supported by UNESCO, the culture arm of the United Nations, as a world heritage site.”

Inside the church


Actually, the roof has not undergone major repairs in more than 500 years, reports Robert Berger of the Voice of America, “because of a feud among the three Christian denominations that control the church — the Catholics, Greek Orthodox and Armenians. But in the spirit of goodwill for Christmas, they put their differences aside.”

However, such a project is more archeology than carpentry. That’s why

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Rob Kerby
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