Christmas presents for your ... dog?

Yes, several specialty companies have gift ideas for man's best friend. Cats, too!

So, you just don't know what to buy Fido for Christmas? Well, if a nice bone from the butcher shop just won't do, here are some ideas from the British tabloid newspaper the Telegraph.

One possibility would be "Petite Amande Dog Fragrance," yes, a perfume for dogs. This cologne has "notes of French blackcurrant, Tunisian neroli, mimosa and violet leaf on a base of sweet vanilla bourbon... with a little almond," according to the manufacturer.

Or you might want to consider a lovely wig for your animal companion. A wide variety is available from Total Diva Pets, which offers "afros, curly sues and even a pink diva ‘do," according to the company's website.

It might be a matter of concern that most of the pets

pictured in the company's ads don’t look particularly happy about the whole thing.

Another idea:


If you've been frustrated that you bought your pet a gift,

but they were more interested with playing with the box, a company called Caboodle will sell you a lovely, cat-sized, corrugated cardboard box for $29.95.

The "feline environment: allegedly is "easy on the environment."

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Rob Kerby
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