Christmas miracle: 6-year-old twins' pup shakes off its "fatal" traffic injuries

As the family made plans for Scamp's funeral, the scruffy little mutt had other ideas

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Four days and $3,000 later in veterinary bills, Scamp came home. He’d suffered a concussion and broken teeth — and a possible fractured jaw. Fearing Scamp wouldn’t make it, they hadn’t told the kids their dog was still alive.

Reta says Paul had been “distraught” that he left Scamp out in the cold, but the vets told the couple that’s probably what saved the unconscious pup’s life.

The cold temperatures kept the dog alive, keeping his brain from swelling.

It just seems it wasn’t God’s plan for Scamp to leave his twins.

Not for now, anyway.

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Rob Kerby
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