Bureaucrats decide Congressmen cannot write “Merry Christmas” in official mail

Bah, humbug, say the anonymous rulemakers -- who have ruled that generic holiday greetings are OK, but not any mention of the dreaded word "Christmas"

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He pointed out the preposterous guidelines in which members were told they could make references in their official letters “to the season as a whole, using generic language” such as “have a safe and happy

holiday season,” but that greetings such as “Merry Christmas” were banned.

George and Laura Bush's 2007 Christmas card

Of particular irritation to Rahall is that Senators may use the traditional “Merry Christmas” greeting.

Rahall also is a co-sponsor of a House resolution that recognizes the importance of the symbols and traditions of Christmas and that strongly disapproves of attempts to ban references to Christmas.

“An American Christmas celebrates the simple majesty of the Christ child’s birth with humble candlelight church services full of song, gratitude and celebration, reflecting long held values and the faith of our fathers,” said Rahall. “although in recent years, this treasured holiday’s place among our Nation’s celebrations has been shaken.


“Attempts to dilute the true meaning of Christmas, this significant holiday in our Christian heritage, crop up every so often. How often have we seen efforts even to replace time-honored greetings like, ‘Merry Christmas’ with generic phrases such as ‘Happy Holidays’ and the sort. I want to add a personal ‘humbug’ to that wrong-spirited

movement. Let Christmas always be Christmas,” said Rahall.

If you watch this 1981 Christmas message from the White House, you begin to wonder how far America has drifted:


Peter Konetchy, a candidate for the Senate finds the whole thing baffling. 

“We are a Christian Nation, welcoming all religions, but solidly founded upon the Judeo-Christian values espoused in both the New and Old Testaments. We know our rights come from God, not government. We are the greatest nation ever founded because of our Christian heritage manifested through hard work, self reliance, voluntary charity, and gratitude for blessings received.

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