Australia worries gambling is hurting the nation's youth

The normalization of society's attitudes toward gambling are causing enormous problems, says the government.

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“There is a consensus on the committee that the Interactive Gambling Act could be enhanced, in particular for the advertising aspects to be strengthened,” he said.

According to the Australian government website:

• Three quarters of problem gamblers have problems with poker machines.
• One in six people who play the pokies regularly has a serious gambling problem.
• The cost to the community of problem gambling is estimated to be at least $4.7 billion a year.
• Some poker machines can be played at extremely high intensity—many lines, many credits per line, and a bet every three seconds.
• A gambler could lose in excess of $1,500 in just one hour.
• Children with a parent who is a problem gambler are up to 10 times more likely than children with non-gambling parents to develop problem gambling behaviors. .


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Rob Kerby
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