Atheists report they are taking their kids to church

In a surprising discovery, two researchers find that atheists at 21 different universities think it's important that their children be exposed to matters of faith

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Why? Respondents cited several reasons, including:

• Scientific identity: Study participants said they wished to expose their children to all sources of knowledge -- including religion -- and allowed them to make their own choices regarding faith

• Spousal influence: Some stay involved in church because of influence from their spouse or partner.

• Desire for community: They said they wanted a sense of "moral community and behavior," even if they don’t agree with the religious reasoning.

Not only do some atheist scientists wish to expose their children to faith, said Ecklund, but they want their kids to choose for themselves.

“We thought that these individuals might be less inclined to introduce their children to religious traditions, but we found the exact opposite to be true," she told the Huffington Post. "They want their children to have choices, and it is more consistent with their science identity to expose their children to all sources of knowledge.



”One participant raised in a strongly Catholic home said he now believes science and religion are not compatible. However, he didn’t "indoctrinate her that she should believe in God. I don’t indoctrinate her into not believing in God.” Instead, he has exposed her to

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism as well other beliefs.

The study’s findings will help the public better understand the role that religious institutions play in society, Ecklund says.

“I think that understanding how non-religious scientists utilize religion in family life demonstrates the important function they have in the U.S.”

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