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"Each day is a new beginning and a new opportunity to experience your true heart's desire."

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Your passion is that which awakens and expands your heart.  When you are in the energy of your passion, you feel like you are in complete harmony with your world. Balance, satisfaction and fulfillment are the results of you being in your highest and best use to yourself, others and your Creator. You came forth to experience a finite expression and expand your light, to remember love, and reawaken to the grandness of spirit that dwells within you and all life.  Cherish all life.

Each day is a new beginning and a new opportunity to experience your true heart’s desire.  What do you desire most to create in your world right now? Your dreams are worth failing for, so when you have set your intent of that which you desire, keep your focus and charge ahead.  Do not take ‘No’ for an answer as there will be open doors when all things are in place and right.

Expect miraculous solutions to appear and they will. Notice the signs to let you know you are on the best path. These can come in the form of hunches, sounds, music, dreams, feelings, or any of your other senses. Notice the sounds and the feelings you hear both externally and within your own mind and heart. These messages are real and an answer to your prayers.


Believe in yourself.  Trust that you are worthy and deserving. Release any thoughts of less than. You, like everyone else, are a beautiful spark of the Creator and that light dwells within your heart. Nourish that spark and let it become the flame that feeds your courage and strength to take each step of your quest.

That divine spark is fed by love, unconditional, pure love that has no agenda. Feel the love from within and let it be your guide in all that you do. Ask yourself, “Is this in the highest energy of love?” if the answer is yes, move forward knowing that you are doing your best right now. If the answer is no, is there any need to proceed at this time?

Look into your heart, for you know what is right and best for you. No one else can make that decision for you. Give to others from your heart also.

Sharing your love and resources with those in need offers great benefit for your own souls growth as well helps the growth of all of those you assist. As the winds of change blow in new opportunities for everyone, make the most of the ones that come your way. True charity begins with the belief that you will always have enough, for you, your loved ones and friends, but also for everyone.

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Sharon Taphorn
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