Find Supernatural Freedom from the Past

Healing minister Joan Hunter shares how traumatic events influence more than our emotions; it’s also becomes engrained into our cells called cellular memory.

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Tell us more about your book.

It talks about erasing the pain of your past. For example, my ex-husband was a homosexual and when my daughter was 17, she showed me his favorites on his computer and male porn showed up, she’s 29 now. I was sharing this story the other day and in my mind I looked into the room where the computer was, and the computer screen was blank. God totally took it from my mind, that visual. That’s what God wants to do, erase the pain of your past.

Isn’t this still a process?

Nancy [was] instantly healed, boom, no more. Yes sometimes it can be a process like an onion. Sometimes it can be instantaneous. Sometimes the process starts, whether you specifically ask or not. I haven’t thought of that computer screen in probably 10 years. It was blank, blank. I didn’t even ask for it. I remember a pastor that hurt me and I have a phenomenal, incredible, unbelievable, memory and for me not to remember was amazing. I can write from experience and how He’s [God] wiped it away.

You talked about confessing “Let there be light” in a dark situation.

Yes. That was in Healing the Heart. “Father what was revealed in darkness, let be revealed in the light.” Once it’s revealed, What are you going to do with it? Confront it.

Learn more about healing from trauma and healing the heart from Joan Hunter.

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