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Take actions into your own hands and use your powers to become successful. You already possess the keys to success, you are just missing the inspiration and guidance.

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Every one has the power to be successful. The only thing that may be missing is the inspiration and guidance to success. Charles Marshall, author of The Seven Powers of Success, shares the direction needed to attain true success. You are the only person that can make your dreams a reality, nonetheless you must be willing to challenge yourself. Marshall lets us in on how we must harness in on ourselves, so that we can be successful.

How do you define success?
I think the best way to define success is the process of fulfilling one’s potential. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is accomplishing. The question is, are you using your gifts, talents, and education to your best ability? At the end of your day, can you say to have striven to be your best? When you think of success in these terms, every decision gets much easier. Should I date this person? Should I accept this job offer? Should I go to school? All of these questions become a lot easier to answer if you have the goal of fulfilling your potential in mind.
What is Option X and why is this important to programming your mind?
Option X is the answer that is not readily apparent. In school we were given multiple choice tests that allowed us to select an answer from a few options located just below each question. The answer was usually A, B, C, or D (all of the above).  Sometimes, though, the teacher got really tricky and added an E (none of the above) option. Often life treats us the same way. The answer to our dilemma isn’t readily apparent, so if we’re going to become successful problem-solvers, we need to train ourselves to look for Option X solutions.


Every successful problem solver I know has two core postulates programmed in his or her mind.  
1] Every problem has a solution. If you don’t believe a solution exists, then you won’t look for it. If you believe there is an answer, then you will keep asking questions, knocking on doors, and looking under rocks until you find the solution.
2] There is always another way to do it. Just because a solution has been tried before, doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked and reproached from a different angle.
Why do you think so many people fear taking action?
A person usually fears taking action for one or two reasons.

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Angela Guzman
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