A Little Sole: Multi-Faith Race Unites for Charity

"This event brings together folks who all want the same thing for our world, namely to live in a community that strives to right injustices when they occur so that real peace can be secured for our families and neighbors,” wrote Father Henry Petter.

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People are often fearful of getting involved with other faiths. How can we overcome this hurdle? Is organizing fundraisers like this, the answer to promote unity?

FP: There are certain core values that we all share when it comes to what we want for our families and our neighbors. We want safe and secure neighborhoods, we want jobs that allow families to support themselves, we want access to affordable health care and we want our elderly and marginalized treated with care and dignity to name just a few. The values that we hold in common are far greater than the ones upon which we differ. Find the values that we hold in common and work together on those. When diverse peoples work side by side on common projects, respect and trust is built. The joy that comes from acting for good is a feeling that is not reserved to one particular religion but is a gift to each who pursues justice and kindness.

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Corine Gatti
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