A Life of Hope

The fact that you’re standing here today with breath in your lungs testifies that God has a plan and purpose for you on this earth.

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The fact that you’re standing here today with breath in your lungs testifies that God has a plan and purpose for you on this earth. Jesus wants you to live with bold confidence in His promises and humble dependence on His voice. He plans to transform you into a woman of purpose and lead you to places you could never otherwise go apart from Him.

What’s so beautiful about our call is that God knows full well whom He’s getting when He calls us.

In his book Holy Ambition, Chip Ingram reflects on the people God loves to use:

God has chosen very regular, ordinary, common people just like you and me to accomplish the biggest events in all of human history. He used a teenage girl to bring His Son into this planet. He used a blue-collar worker to raise Him from childhood and teach Him about a life of integrity and worship. He used common fishermen to lay the foundation for the greatest revolution that has ever touched the world. And God wants to use you and God wants to use me in the same ways.

God’s will for you is your best-case scenario. I marvel at how He lovingly takes our broken pieces, our tangled-up fears, our worst mistakes, and creates a mosaic of beauty that impacts the world.

Consider the desires in your heart. Pay attention to stories that stir up your passions. Dare to believe that He wants to use the gifts He’s imparted to you. He’s the one who put desires in you that He might fulfill His purposes for you. He can even use the worst things you’ve ever done, or the worst things that have ever happened to you, to change the world through you. He desires to transform you into a humble, bold, healed, and confident woman who trusts Jesus with her every breath.


What kind of life did God promise us? Not an easy one. But a powerful, world-changing, redemptive, miraculous life that overcomes hardship, defies the odds, defeats the giants, and conquers fears.

If we take God at His word, He’ll take us places and work through us in ways that will cause others who knew us when, to step back, shake their heads, and say, “There has to be a God in heaven; no way could she have accomplished those things or become that person on her own.”

Jesus promised us an abundant life, which in essence involves copious amounts of fruitfulness, lavish amounts of love, abundant supplies of strength and courage, and profuse amounts of generosity. Jesus came to give us life. Satan came to steal it from us, to kill our dreams and our passion, and destroy every hint of God-inspired sparkle and verve within us (see John 10:10).

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Susie Larson
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