Spiritual Growth with Archangel Ariel

New growth, psychic and spiritual experiences that can change the way you look at your world and yourself.

White feather against blue sky

You have the opportunity to embark upon great change at this time. New growth, psychic and spiritual experiences that can change the way you look at your world and yourself. Allow yourself to evolve, allow your spiritual gifts to open. Share these gifts with the world. It is time for you to expand your light and the beautiful you that exists inside. Let your light emerge.  Invoke your many angels and know that you are protected from all harm so just relax and enjoy the ride. Trust and take courage to move forward knowing that you are not alone and dearly loved for your braveness in doing an earthly journey.

Find ways to renew your passion for life itself. Embark on a journey of health and healing. And, regardless as to what you've been told, every one of you can have a long, healthy and happy life, if you so desire. This might be some work and it may seem difficult at first, however it is a journey well worth taking, and we are always by your side, assisting you along the way.

Each of you has unique skills and talents. Each and every one of you has a vital role to play out in these shifting times of the earth realm. Each and every one of you have talents and skills to assist, and support,  and are encouraged to help and support others who are also on the path of awakening to their spiritual aspects, through empowering yourself and others, you are making a huge difference in your world.


Ask the angels to help you be in service and ask ‘How can I make humanity and Earth a better place for everyone?” Ask your angels where and what you can be doing right now to make a difference in the lives of others and for yourself. You are encouraged by the angels to give of your abilities, knowledge and time. If you need money to assist, ask the angels to help draw it to you, if you need assistance, ask the angels to bring help to you. Whatever it is that best helps you help others, for they are here waiting to assist all of you to live your life on and in your purpose.

Whatever it is that you are drawn to, do so with a giving hand and an open heart, for that is one of the greatest gifts you can offer each other. Share your love today with those in need and know you are doing the work of your creator through you. If you are doing something that you are not particularly happy with, ask the angels to help you finish it off quickly and effortlessly so you can move on to bigger and better things. If it feels wrong, just say no. There is no reward in feeling bad about yourself and your actions. Ask yourself, “Does this bring me closer to Spirit? “Does this take me farther away from Spirit?” Choose wisely for yourself as no one else can choose this for you. It is a choice you always take for yourself, and by yourself, however you are never alone, as your angels are with you and love you regardless.

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