Finding Your Peace with Archangel Uriel

He helps to brings us strength and compassion as we reach for peace within and our own spiritual understanding.

Archangel uriel

Working with Archangel Uriel

Uriel’s name means “Fire of God”, or “Light of God”, or “God is Light” and since their names describe their mission and position, Uriel’s is to help light our way. He carries the supreme knowledge of all that is. He is a wonderful teacher and guide with much wisdom, love and spiritual development and growth to share. He has much to offer the aspirant on the path to a better way and assists us in experiencing the totality of a journey. He brings a higher dimensional aspect to the journey of being human. Ask him to be your mentor and your guide, and overlight your life lessons. He can offer you great wisdom and additional information so that you can make informed and confident decisions.  His colours are Red, Purple and Gold; as well I usually feel a bright light like a sun emanating from his energy. I call him in when I am doing any spiritual writing or work as he is a master alchemist, wizard of spiritual wisdom and understanding. He readily works with those who are seeking the path of enlightenment. He helps to brings us strength and compassion as we reach for peace within and our own spiritual understanding. Invite archangel Uriel to overlight your thoughts and your actions to be in integrity with your beliefs.

Finding your Peace with Archangel Uriel

Peace is not just a global goal, but an inner goal as well; for it is when you find peace that you can create peace in your world. When all aspects of your being are in harmony with each other, this is when you are at peace. When your mind, your body, and your soul are working together as one, then you are one with the Universe, and you are at peace. And oh how you long to always be in this state of bliss that you occasionally find at your spiritual gatherings and in moments of your life, and why is it that is so hard to keep this state when you back to ‘regular’ world and jobs, facing the responsibilities of everyday life. We say that this is not how it has to be or stay, the choice is entirely yours. For within each of you is the power to alter the course of your history and how you live your life.


Find your peace in where you are right now, regardless what that scene looks like or the characters that are playing their part. In the midst of all the chaos and darkness are beautiful shining lights that let no one stop them or deter them from their mission of making the world a better place. Oh at first others told them they were ‘crazy’ and they wouldn’t change the world and they did. These are often those that are admired and revered in your texts and hearts, like the Dali Lama, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela as it is easy to see the contributions they have made. However there are also many that are not known by the masses that make great contributions to each day without fame or fortune coming their way. They have found their peace in where they are and help others who are seekers find it for themselves. It is a journey that must be undertaken by the self, for it comes from within. No one can take it for you; they can however help to light the way. There are no magic wands that someone can place upon your head and make things magically transform for you. It is about the journey of discovering the magi within you and awakening your memories of who you truly are.

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