Archangel Gabriel

Treat others with kindness and the angels will help when you need guidance.

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“I trust that I will receive whatever guidance I seek.”

Have faith, for there is help available always.  Should you come to a crossroad and not know which is the next best step to take, trust that your angels will help to light the way. Ask yourself, “Which way brings me closer to my mission and life purpose? And then watch for the signs, you will know you are on the right track. Visualize the most perfect of outcomes for the good of all, which of course includes you, and of course take action steps as you are in exactly the right place to start.

“I have faith that I will always know the best path for me to follow.”

Your soul yearns to fulfil its purpose for experiencing a human life. Your soul longs to express its true self. Review the steps that have brought you to where you are now. The ones that fill you with energy are when you were living your life in your purpose. The ones that offer you sadness and pain, they need to be transformed. See the gift in those experiences and the lessons that were learned and release them. Fill your heart with graciousness and gratitude for all that you have and all that is coming your way. This is a most sacred energy.


“I am living my purpose every day and in every way.”

Hold peaceful thoughts for yourself and others. The pathway to peace is paved by finding peace within the self. As within, as without. As you find your own personal peace with your life, you will then find peace in your world.  Act locally to help change the world around you. This is the pathway to global change.  Foster good relationships with others, be at peace with nature and allow her to bring more love and peace into your life. There is great healing in connecting in this way. Be at peace with your world.

“I am at peace in my mind, body, heart and soul. I am ready to be a channel for divine peace.” 

Trust that the universe will unfold as it should.  Trust that the unveilings of life the universe and everything will unfold. Trust that all is right with the world and it is just becoming balanced once again. Change will happen, that is evolution, and you cannot stop that. You can however change how you choose to see the changes that are happening around you. Choose love for that is the most powerful force in the Universe.

“I trust that the knowledge I need will come to me when I need it.”

Aim to treat each other with respect, unconditional love and grace. See each other through angel eyes and know that each one of you is a spark of Creator Light and deserves to be loved and nurtured.

“I treat everyone with God's loving kindness.”

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