Through your journey of life, reach out to your angels for guidance and strength.

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Go where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes and you can get yourself in a quiet, relaxed and centered state. Connect with your heart center and feel the energy of love surround you. Ask your angels to surround you in a protective loving orb of light and say a little prayer of thanks, and set your intent of what you are doing.  You can say something like.

“I call upon my higher self, my guides and angels, god, the Creator, and all the beautiful lights that are here to assist me with my projects here on earth. I am going to share my affirmations and intention of all the projects I wish to create, all the aspects of myself that I wish to develop and enhance, and [list whatever else you are working on]. I thank you for your guidance and assistance and I will notice the signs you put before me and ask that they be given to me in such a way that I understand and that I also know that they came from you. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. So Be it. Amen”


Read your affirmations, taking time between each one to feel them, to envision how your life will look when they arrive and feel with these qualities or objects in your life. Feel the essence of your words.

Thank the Universe, your guides, your angels, and any other deity or master who is important to you.

Bring yourself fully back into your present, feeling refreshed, revitalized and fully awake, surrounded by love. Keep your thoughts about yourself and others positive and in the light of love.

There can be times on your journey when you feel you are alone and asking why. These are the very times to talk with your angels and invite them into your life. There are times you feel exasperated, disappointed and are sad. We tell you it is in those times that you can know our love is real and that we surround you in the protection of our light. Call upon the light of Archangel Michael, who offers you his shield and sword of truth, and feel the warm glow knowing he is by your side.  Some affirmations to help you with your journey under the protection of his light”

“I confidently shine my divine light, knowing that I am strong, honest and protected.”

“I seek justice and fairness in all my dealings with others.”

“I believe in myself and trust that I have what it takes to accomplish my goals."

And if you have a particular trying and difficult experience to heal:

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