The Angels of Abundance

Guardian Angels for Every Financial Need

Angels of Abundance

By Sue Storm

Inviting guardian angels into your life is rewarding. They offer a path to increased prosperity. The angel’s definition of prosperity goes beyond finances. It encompasses opportunities to advance in a career and to enjoy good fortune in all areas of life.

Communicating with angels is easy and effective. Select the guardian angel that works with the situation or circumstance that you wish to improve. Then simply ask for the angel’s assistance. For best results, make requests in a clear, precise manner. Since angels have never lived in time and space, it is beneficial to add affirmations to accelerate your progress.

Discover 12 of the guardian angels that I personally consult for guidance and that I work with on a regular basis to achieve a life of abundance. 

Sue Storm, AKA. The Angel Lady, is a prosperity consultant, the author of the Angel First Aid series, and the host of the Angel Talk radio show.  Her latest book, Angel First Aid: Remedies for Life, Love, and Prosperity, will be released in March 2010.

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