Creating an Angel Box

How to Make an Angel Healing Box

Pink butterfly on white box

By Susan Gregg

When I first began my spiritual journey, a friend suggested I create an angel box. At first, I used a manila envelope. I wrote "Angel Business" on the front and put it in my closet. Whenever I was afraid or worried about something, I would write a short description of the problem and put it in the envelope, trusting the angels to take care of it.

The envelope worked and magic started occurring, but eventually I took the time to make an angel box.  The intent for the box is to let go of your cares and place them in the care of angels. Follow these simple steps to create an amazing angel box.

Susan Gregg is the author of eight books including "The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters" and the blogger of "Angels on Your Shoulder."

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