Guardian Angels, Part 1

In part one of two articles on guardian angels, our angel expert answers questions on guardian angel protection and meditating to meet angels.

BY: William D. Webber


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I tried meditating again before I went to bed that night, and I asked from my heart, "Do I have a guardian angel?" Not only did I feel that overwhelming presence again, but I thought I heard what I could describe as the “purring of bells.” I was frightened, and I shrunk back into my covers and repeated three times that I was afraid of it; the noise went away, but the presence didn't leave.

In my research, I read that your guardian angel will try to contact you by attracting your interest, especially if you haven’t paid much attention to them. I also wondered if it was okay to name the angel because I knew that it was there for me, but I decided against it. I meditated many times to figure out its name. Apparently, speaking out loud helps, but when I spoke out loud, I heard only a whisper but I couldn't make out what it said.

I tried to be persistent because persistence often pays off. I asked what the guardian angel’s name was again, and I heard “Jonathan.” Is it really possible that my guardian angel was trying to get my attention? Or am I just blowing things out of proportion with nonsensical curiosity? If so, why would the guardian angel want my attention?
- Tianni C.

You can relax, Tianni. Yes, the Bible teaches that you do have a guardian angel, but you are not expected to do anything scary to get their attention. Guardian angels almost always do their work unseen without attracting attention to themselves. In fact, most people, even the best Christians, never see their guardian angels. If your angel wanted to make contact with you, he would. Nowhere in the Bible are we told to meditate to make contact with the angels or to learn their names. God has that all worked out. What is our part? We are to be aware that God has provided the angels we need. We should thank God for providing them to protect, lead, and guide us, even when we do not see them.

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