Hidden Strength

Were my husband and I ready to expand our business? I wasn't sure...until I had clear angel reassurance.

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I heard the front door creak and opened my eyes. Herbert came inside and took a step toward us. Just as I opened my mouth to tell him about the angel, he turned around and went right out the door again without a word. That was strange, I thought. He must have forgotten to tell Bob something.

Herbert came back a few minutes later. This time he walked into the kitchen and gave me a kiss. “Didn’t you take Amber up to bed?” he asked. “You weren’t here a minute ago when I came in to tell you I was going to move the car.”

Now I was really confused. “We’ve been sitting here the whole time,” I said. “You looked right at us when you came in before you went back outside.”

Herbert walked back to the door and stood in the same spot he had the first time he came inside. “I couldn’t have missed you from here,” he said. “If you’d been sitting there, Marion, I would have seen you.”

“Not if an angel had her wings wrapped around us,” I said. My husband listened in amazement as I explained to him why I suddenly felt perfectly ready to move ahead on our business plans.

Today Spencer Associates—and the Spencer family—is thriving. I still work hard, do lots of research and weigh all my decisions carefully. But when my workday is over, I turn my attention to other important things, knowing God is always on the job.

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Marion Crump Spencer
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