Would an Angel-Human Relationship Ever Work?

If angels and humans did fall in love, would they be able to have a 'normal' marriage?

Find Out: Is it possible for a human to have an intimate, romantic relationship with an angel? I understand angels cannot transform into human beings, and this relationship would not be physical in any way. It would basically be the equivalent of everything that makes up a normal relationship (talking, laughing, sharing things, being affectionate, looking after each other, etc.), excluding the physical aspect.

Normally, this would not satisfy humans because we were created as sexual beings, and in a marriage a man and a woman experience the physical and non-physical aspects of a relationship. That being said, not all human beings have sex, and that is not morally wrong (look at Priests, Nuns, or simply chaste people who are single). I also don't mean to say that the angel would love the human more than God. God would always be the number one priority in the angel's life, and He would receive the greatest amount of love from the angel. That is not so different from a normal marriage. A husband and wife are supposed to love God more than each other (otherwise the husband's God would actually be his wife, and the wife's God her husband).

This angel-human relationship would not bring forth new life, but that is understandable, seeing as an angel and a human have no way to reproduce. In that respect, it would be the same as a normal marriage where one or both people are infertile. Perhaps the angel and the human could adopt a child into their family to love and raise? I think being in love with an angel and having a relationship with an angel would be very out of the ordinary. [The relationship] would have a unique set of challenges to overcome, but it would also be rewarding and beautiful in its own way. What do you think?
- Dave R.

Well, they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but the difference between a human and an angel is SO extreme, it would be hard for such a couple to truly commune. Angels have lived through millennia, have seen the face of God, and they understand far more than the human ever could. They have a much clearer idea of the Big Picture and wouldn't take time "hanging out" with a human when they understand the cosmic significance. For some reason, God doesn't think humans need to know the ins and outs of eternity and the complete, true nature of God (we "see through a glass darkly"). One angel isn't going to get permission to spill the beans because of "romantic" love with a human. That basic lack of understanding would make such a huge stumbling block.

Romantic relationships also depend on mortality. You can love someone or something for all time, but for true romantic love to enter the picture, we need the potential for loss.

The Bible says angels do not marry in heaven. Needless to say, love in heaven has a different focus. To love everyone with pure agape love will be transformational. While we humans think romantic love is the ultimate, beings who regularly "stand before the Father" are already playing in a whole different ballpark.

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William D. Webber
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